The Realm of Modern Art

Combinations of lines and color are the province for expressing emotions by modern artists. Each is used to draw the eyes of the viewer into the world created. They give form to emotions and express them in new and different ways. The modern artist is not restricted by the creations of the past. Older forms of expression are a basis for learning techniques, but they do not exert control over modern content. They have provided the concept of a color palette and lines, but the artist now uses them in different ways.

Lines are an important vehicle for modern art. They give motion to a piece while expressing feelings. Each line has its own concept to convey in a piece of modern art. It can be used as a cage and represented by a black line on a white canvas. A line or series of lines can be painted one or more colors to represent transitions of emotional states. These concepts are what fuel the ability of artists to be able to share their vision. They give a complete picture without the prejudice of a scene or person to cloud the content.

Ceramics have long been a medium where lines are used for expression. Lines can be added to a wet clay piece before firing. They give the sense of motion or continuity to a piece. A line can be used to draw the eye around a ceramic vase. Multiple lines can also create a pattern the artist wishes to share after a piece has been fired in the kiln. If the lines form a series of complex patterns, the artist can have ceramic decals and ceramic transfers printed and apply them. This is a faster way for the artist to share complexity of pattern while the concept is still fresh. It helps finish a piece for the viewer to enjoy without waiting a long period of time.

Art has been used for millennia to express emotion and share ideas. Modern art is another way to follow up on this concept in new ways. It uses different formats to share knowledge and feelings. Sculpture, paintings and ceramics are all part of the forms modern artists use for their personal expression.