Creating a Room

When it is time to set up any room, choosing the basic layout often comes first. The locations of windows and doors will have a big effect on where the furniture goes, but the type of flooring might also be an issue. The length of the walls will help make some of the decisions, and the amount of available light will be another way to help bring everything into focus. Creating a room where people can eat or relax is the goal, and it takes a good eye to get it just right.

Few people are able to just toss out their old furniture to match a room, so adding the right touches or new coverings can make a drab room begin to sing. Art on the walls is one way to add color and focus, but covering the furniture with bright pillows or throws can be another. The person designing the room as best they can must make the decisions, and their goal will be to create a space that reflects their personality and how they want guests to feel when they enter.

Many people think of modern art in a home solely as pictures on the wall, but there are other forms. The designs in fabrics today are very modern, and they span the rainbow in colors. A neutral sofa with matching chairs is a good anchor, but adding pillows with bold lines or geometric designs can add life to them.

Choosing the right upholstery has long been a good way to dress up old furniture, but modern tastes run to neutral shades almost as dull as the walls of a cave. For those who love to craft at home, creating a set of new pillows or crocheting a bright pattern into a throw for the back of the chair can turn a dull room into a welcome one for guests and family alike.