Colorful Modern Art

While the traditional art of the old masters centered on bringing reality to the world with clean images, modern art is used to express emotion. Traditionally, artists would cover an entire canvas to depict a scene or person. Modern art does not recognize this limitation. A canvas may be completely covered, but many times it has blank areas where no paint has been used. The eye is drawn to the vibrant paints in various forms, and the viewer is allowed to use their own imagination in the blank areas.

Modern art is mainly based on interpreting emotional content. Artists project a feeling as if it were a concept or idea. They use form only to contain the feeling or as a base for launching their expressions. Some use no forms at all, and they give the viewer the emotional content with color only. Lines are used to show motion, but color is also used to depict this concept. Changing colors draws the eyes of viewers across the canvas rather than giving them one image to focus their attention.

Paintings and sculpture are the mediums of many modern artists. Not all people have the wall space or room for these unique objects. Modern technology is often used to recreate these beautiful pieces on other forms for viewers to enjoy. Imagine a set of coffee mugs with a different piece of modern art on each one. Glass decals and glass transfers can be printed and applied to these mugs. It allows the art lover a chance to experience a different piece of art every day with their morning beverage.

The colors of modern art can be bright or restrained. Lines are sometimes bold for basic emotions such as love or hate. Smaller lines represent more subtle emotions like friendliness and camaraderie. It is the task of the artist to convey these emotions to the proper depth necessary to get their message to the viewer. Some pieces need to be large sculptures, and other messages can be relayed with a small drawing containing intense bursts of color. Each modern artist expresses themselves in a different way.